Boris Johnson’s Brother Quit As Binance Advisor

Boris Johnson’s Brother Quits As Binance Advisor

Binance’s US arm announced on Monday that it had bought the assets of defunct cryptocurrency company, Voyager for $1bn. . Binance US was the highest bidder for the assets of…

Michael Burry – Binance Audit Meaningless

Michael Burry – Binance Audit Meaningless

According to Michael Burry, the legendary investor who inspired the movie ‘The Big Short,’ audits of Binance and other crypto exchanges are ‘essentially meaningless’ since auditors are unfamiliar with crypto….

If people pulled everything from Binance US, we’d still have millions in assets, CEO says

Binance US Financially Sound, CEO Says

Binance’s US head Brian Shroder assured followers on Monday that his exchange is ready to process every last customer withdrawal, unlike some competitors. He also extended his company’s successful bid…

Regulate centralized actors but leave DeFi alone

Coinbase CEO Calls For Regulation But Leave DeFi Alone

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has pushed for tighter regulations on centralized crypto players, but says decentralized protocols should be allowed to thrive given that open source code and smart contracts…

Crypto Analyst Who Nailed Bitcoin’s 2018 Bottom Predicts Incoming Rally for BTC, But There’s a Catch

Crypto Analyst Predicts Incoming Rally for BTC

A crypto strategist who correctly called Bitcoin (BTC)’s 2018 bear market low says a bounce is likely in sight for the crypto king. The pseudonymous analyst Smart Contractor tells his…

Visa Begins Plans For Crypto Automatic Debits

Visa Begins Plans For Crypto Automatic Debits

According to payments giant Visa, crypto users may one day automatically pay their electricity and phone bills through their self-custodial crypto wallets. Visa’s crypto thought leadership team proposed a solution…